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Career in Hotel Management.


One of the major outcomes of globalization is the tremendous growth in the tourism and hospitality industries. With India as one of the most popular destinations for travel, the government is also encouraging and investing in the development of this industry. The hotel industry is a crucial component of the hospitality industry with tremendous potential for growth in the foreseeable future. Hotel Management is one of the most interesting career options in the contemporary job market. The boom in the tourism industry has resulted in the immense growth of hotel industry in India. As hotels fall under the service industry, the motive of Hotel Management courses in India is to prepare the students to face the challenges of this competitive world. The demand for Hotel Management professionals is already enormous and is expected to grow more with the growing number of hotels being instituted in India and across the globe. A career in Hotel Management has become lucrative and exciting aside from its glamour, attracting more and more students to opt for it. Hotel Management jobs include multiple skills like food and beverage service, front office operation, sales and marketing, accounting etc. Many government colleges and private institutes in India offer certificate, diploma or degree courses in Hotel Management. With the increasing competition in the hotel industry, there are many exciting job prospects for Hotel Management graduates.

Job prospects.

Since a hotel has various departments such as Food production operation, Front Office, Food and Beverage service, House keeping, Finance, Sales and Marketing, etc., you can choose a field of your choice and pursue a career and develop professionally. Apart from jobs in Hotels and restaurants, hotel management diploma holders /graduates can find good jobs in: